MortVaders Crowded House Civ V tour

(Just to keep the tradition of making a little Civ-story right after getting a new version) :D
I play as Suleiman of the Ottomans on the King difficulty. The map is "Great Plains" sized duel. I made it crowded by adding all possible 11 AI players, making it 12 players in all. No City States, though. Other than that: No barbarians and no goodiehuts.
I'm starting right next to that Chinese settler. Gold and gems pretty close, but with this kind of crowding I can't be certain that I will get any of those, with other civs all over the place. I am taking no chances, and building my city right away.
I start building a second warrior, and set the research to go for iron working.
All the neighbours greets politely and all of us pretend to be nice and friendly. Well actually except Washington who taunts me with my small penis.. ARMY! I mean army. Never mind him though.. I am in the top right area of the map, with Japan shoved completely into that corner, me a bit south-west from him. To my south-west is the Aztec, and south from me is America. The chinese settler never found a place to build her city, so I guess I will harvest it for a worker. I'm not sure this is a good idea though, as I am guessing it will mean that the other civs think that I am a warmonger. But here goes: a free worker is worth alot in this stage of the game.
Much to my surprise, the chinese warrior did not disapear?! I know I didn't check the "complete kills" setting while preparing the game. Hm.. maybe its a bug.. The game IS only 1 week old yet, so.. But I spent almost all my fortune (50 gold) purchasing the gold resource, so I can put my worker to work at once. Also, my 2nd warrior is ready, and I start building a monument for a bit of culture.
Egypt wants me to join him in a pact of secrecy against Japan. Since Japan in the north-east corner might be a quick take for me, I agree to this. Maybe this can buy me some credit with Egypt?
The Chinese warrior attacked me, and was destroyed. I checked out the scoreboard, and look - She is still in there.. with 8 points. WTF? I asked for peace, but she refuse. Go to rest, already! Damn ghost woman! ..oh it just strikes me: maybe it's because she has another settler? This could be a bonus feature for the AI because of the King difficulty? Oh well, life goes on!
LOL - 3 turns after she calls me up and proposes peace. OK then! Now I managed to scout a littlebit with one of my warriors.
Recently Siam asked for a pact of cooperation, which I agreed to, because he is not one of my immediate neighbours. I just discovered bronze working, and switched my production to a spearman. I will finish the monument after the spear has been built. I was considering building a settler to make a 2nd city to the west, but I think it will be too risky yet.
Japan offered a pact of secrecy against America. I was tempted to agree. I am not entirely sure about the diplomacy system in Civ 5 yet, but I have a theory that I should try avoid misleading my foes in order not to be seen as a non-trustworthy player to the AI's. I have no idea if this is true though, but this is what I am trying right now. I have had several AI's gang up on me in my previous couple of games, often complaining that they think I am a liar and a warmonger, or something along those lines..
For my first Social Policy, I chose Honor. I foresee this game to be a violent one. I need every advantage in the battlefield I can get. This first one doesn't help me at all, but the next few ones should be very helpfull.
Songhai also asked for a pact of secrecy against Japan. Again I agreed. The turn after (this is turn 28) - also the Aztecs ask the same, which again I agree. That makes four of us conspiring to take out the Japanese.
My city grows to size 4, and with a farm in place I feel it is time to do a little micromanagement. In the city view I make sure my subjects work the gold resource, which provides good production and gold boosts.
I am scouting out west and find Songhai. And LOOK: China has been conquered! So at last someone took that other settler she must have had somewhere..
Egypt asked for open borders, which I accepted. Iron working is closing, and I started building a settler, in case some Iron apears in one of the open spots (either to my west or south-east..
Argh.. So Japan is expanding! :( America asked for a pact of cooperation. I refused. I might need to kill him after Japan (if all goes as I would like it). Also the Iroquois wanted a cooperationpact. This I agreed to.
Iron apears ONLY near Japan's 2nd city! This cements my plan to take him out. Damn. I would have liked it best to have a swordman and a catapult at least, before I attack him. Now I must research archery. I cancel my settler, and begin building another spear.
My second policy - Warrior Code - gives me a Great General, who will be usefull in the comming battle. I agree with Songhai to an open borders deal.
Japan's borders now expanded to the iron resource. I cannot wait anylonger to engage. I am not too confident about this, though.. Next turn I will declare war.
OH MY GOD! I AM AN IDIOT! What has all this jabbering about Japan been about?? Because the Iroquois capital is named "Onondaga", I confused this with the Japanese leader "Oda something" and asumed that this country up there was Japan. SHOOT ME! I AM AN IDIOT! -AGAIN. Oh well, this does not change the fact that that iron resource must be seized. This does fuck up my attempt to be pure in my diplomatic releations, though. I did agree to a cooperation agreement with Iroquois earlier. :(
I advance. He is not working the iron. Good.
So far I lost one spearman, which brings us to 2 spearmen each.
Things are not looking easy.. :P
Right after previous picture he showed up with two fresh spearmen coming from the capital. I withdrew my couple of units and asked for peace. Lucky for me he accepted. The new plan is to go for horsebackriding, and get a pasture on those horses that apeared next to my city.
Got a golden age from happiness. 8 turns to horseback riding. I am building a watermill while I wait for that. This should give a little boost to my one city growth.. :P
I made a research agreement with Siam. A bit later got the next Social Policy. I chose Discipline.
Before building horses, I decided to finish the settler I abandoned a while back. The space to the west is still open, and I probaply should have settled there before anyways.
Here goes.. A few turns after, the Aztecs complained about my expansion into "their" territory. I just apologized and said it would not happen again. It's not like there's plenty of room anyways :D
I have given up my dreams of the Iroquois Iron. The Americans keep taunting me about my small economy, my small army and what not. This is starting to annoy me :) I formed a secrecy pact with Iroquois against the Americans, and next turn the Aztecs declared war on the Americans. I am preparing to join in on the fun.. if I'm real lucky, I can grab something.. :P
Die you bastard!
(who have little girlie hands) :D
Success. I managed to invade the American capitol. Now who has the smaller dick, you faggot? Uh, and watch this! A little 2-iron resource goes with this new city. Nice. I chose to annex the city, even though it gives a small -2 happiness to my little empire. Now I hope to achieve peace again, and be able to consolidate a little. I change my research to Math. I need it for the courthouse. And catapults :) -now that I have iron. Next, Iroquois declare war on the Americans. Nice. Let them take his other little city. A bit later I sign a secrecy pact with Siam against the Aztec. This makes sense. My next expansion could go west. Later again, Washington asks for peace, providing some cash. I agree. Same turn Iroquois take him out :)
Peace is working out pretty well. I got the chance to scout out my neighbours to the west. At this point I am in top of the scoreboard with 778 points. Number two is the Aztecs with 598 points. I'm getting currency to fix up my economy. After that I'll go for gunpowder so I can activate the Ottomans' UU: the Janisary. I agree with the Japanese -YES the REAL Japanese- to form a pact of secrecy against the Aztecs. Greece chimes in with the same idea. I'm all for that. Also, now Siam is at war with the Aztecs. Aztecs on the offense, it seems. I'll camp it out for now; see what happens. My empire (of 3 cities!!) is not quite ready for war again yet.
Whoa. The Aztecs ate up Siam with a swoop, and climbed to #1 on the scoreboard. Now Japan suggests we do something about this thing, and we both declare war on the Aztecs! The Iroquois and Egypt also goes to war with Montezuma.
I'm going in..
Doesn't look too hard. I just hope I won't get backstabbed now. Also, will the Aztecs burn my iron-mine, before I can defend it?
After sitting it out a couple of turns, now I'm going in!
Success. This puts me back on top with 1072 points. Iroquois is second with 830. I'll go back to rebuilding and aiming for my Janissaries :)
A lesson I learned in one of my first two games: Never let your units stand by in random positions, even during peacetimes. A sudden attack by some turncoat backstabbing bastardo can easily cost you dearly.
After a little while, Japan declares war. I guess this is because I confused him with that Iroquis character?? Oh yeah, and as you can see, Songhai is praying on the tiny little English city-state wannabe.
Well, I took that Siam captial (wasn't it?) from Japan. Not much resistance at all. What's going on here? Why did he declare war, while being so unprepared?
Ooiiii.. Now it gets interesting. Iroquois made his surprize attack. I was halfway expecting this.
"Luckily" they aren't using their units to their full potential.. I munched some archers easily with my horsemen. Archers should go in the back you know Hiawathawa (or what was that name..?)
Not sure I can close this deal without a few more units though..
There. Iroquois capital down. I don't think there will be very much resistance in this game. :P My score 1735. Japan 900 Egypt 810. I'm still at war with Japan, by the way. He have made a few half-hearted attempts on re-taking that ol' Siamese capitol, but I could hold him off with my swordsman and a horseman.
While I am still fighting for control of Iroquois' second city, Japan seems to finally have some kind of plan on how to retake Siam's capitol back from me: With a catapult!!
Uh oh, here comes the Samurais.. Maybe I should send some reinforcements over!
I secured Iroquois city 2. Now get something over to counter the Japanese! 13 turns to gunpowder.
Whoups! Japan took Sukhothai back! I am struggling to get my armies into position. I proposed peace to Hawahitiwawa. Now I better get a worker over to that other iron resource in the old Iroquois territory. "Somebody" burned it down in the fight for that city over there.
Woot?! Check out this surrender:
210 gold
Open borders
2 Cities (most important the one he just overtook from me)
Iron, Horses, Marble and incence.
He must be pretty damn close to death?!
Here is that other city he gave me.. lol :P I'm razing that one..
Finally gunpowder. The plan is to take the last Iroquois city, and then charge on to the west.
Egypt declared war on Iroquois, so I better get that last city before they do. I got two janissaries so far. That should be adequate though, I think.. -It's annoying you can't cancel existing deals.. I would really like to close my borders with Egypt :(
Yeah well, it was a good thing I had that horseman along down there. With that I could take the city after one bombardment with a trebuche and the two attacks from the janissaries.
This is it then; let's go on a jannisary rampage!
There goes Theo.. theoli... ..that Egyptian city. It's a shame you can't vassalize opponents in Civ 5. In 4 he would probaply have agreed to this now, which would have made my victory come faster. Let's hope for a Civilization V : warlords, right? :)
Prepare to meet your maker, Egyptian guy! Interesting to see that he is actually pulling his other units back towards his capital in order to defend it! A bit late, though..
There.. unfortunately I can't raze it, because its a capital. :P I am getting a bit in trouble because of the many cities i have.. both financially and happiness-wise..
Next is Kyoto..
Maybe he'll hit my soft belly thru Washington? :) ..actually I don't think he will..
Now I have to mop up.. Will Songhai or Arabia disturb me while I do?
Bubye Japon!
Two small nations left... mop mop..
Songhai's capitol fell pretty easy, but check out Mekka: defence level 43!! I have to bring my second cannon down there!
OMG I have to withdraw from Mekka until I can get my reinforcements in place. Not only does he have incredible defenses; also a crazy ass trebuche which rapid fires! With really really hard kitchen sinks, or something! RUN AWAAAAY!
This is it.. judgement day!
At last!

To sum up the "pure diplomatic relations" experiment; I actually think it kind of works. They all didn't gang up on me this time.